We have flexible plans to fit your schedule – from once a month to twice a week. There are NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN - if at any time you are dissatisfied, you can cancel the program. You'll find that our service is superior, our staff is pleasant, and our rates are highly competitive. We respect your home and your business and will work around your schedule and requirements. We are insured and bonded – you can relax knowing your aquarium is in good hands. 

Our routine maintenance program includes all of the following:

• Cleaning of your equipment/tank, including under water & external surfaces.
• Complete testing of water conditions including temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and alkalinity
• Rake or siphon debris from gravel bottom
• Algae prevention and treatment.
• Continued monitoring and stabilizing of water salinity levels, marine salt included
• Change chemical filtration media.
• Empty the Protein Skimmer collection cup.
• Clean covers and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits.
• Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks and ornaments.
• Check the inventory of food, replenish as necessary.
• Check the color, smell and temperature of water.
• Water changes
• Visual check equipment, air and water flow to insure proper working condition.
• Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming, breathing rates and other signs of trouble

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Our installations range from a simple child’s enjoyment to large multi tank systems with custom design filtration /life support system for research facilities ,whatever you need we look forward to assisting you. Reef Coral will install your new aquarium and equipment for you. Our installations are done in a clean and service friendly manner. We have installed well over 100 aquariums throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. We have plumbing experience and understanding of water flow and the dynamics of head pressure changes due to plumbing, we deliver the best possible performance of your equipment. Our aquariums are designed using cutting edge techniques. All parts are professionally secured and tested. Guaranteed no leaks.

Equipment and Repair

We can provide a vast variety of equipment to our customer, from affordable solutions, to top of the line manufacturers. Reef Coral can also provide custom products, including sumps, skimmers, and tanks. We will also replace or repair broken or dilapidated equipment, depending on the condition of the item.

Aquascaping and Custom Design

An aquarium is living art and should be treated as such. We will help our customer achieve the visual potential and satisfaction a healthy aquarium can provide. We also will help plan and design custom acrylic aquariums and life-support for the more serious hobbyist. Our planning and design of custom installations are done with keeping a balance ecological system in place.

Relocation and Delivery

Reef Coral Aquarium Service will relocate your existing aquarium (up to 80 miles) and livestock, providing temporary life-support for fish and livestock. Disrupting an existing eco system can be stressful on fish and livestock, however with proper handling and care, the chance of loss is minimized considerably. Let Reef Coral handle this difficult and complex task for you.

Emergency Service

24 hour service is provided for those situations that may arise out of normal business hours. Temporary life-support can be provided until the proper equipment is replaced.

Dry Goods and Food

We are capable to provide Live, frozen and non-frozen foods to our customer. Dry goods such as buffers, bulbs, filters, cleaning wands....etc is one more thing Reef Coral has to offer its customers. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. Reef Coral is the only place to find special food in Louisiana.

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